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The purpose of this Site is to provide information about a tragic and unresolved situation facing three families and the Reward available for its resolution.


We want to find David, Omar and Kent.

Our objective is to gather information from anyone who has knowledge of the situation and events, as well as to solicit ideas and advice from talented and interested individuals who can help us.

Please read the following summary and click on the appropriate links for additional information and/or to communicate with us by e-mail or anonymously.

We invite you to forward all information and ideas you believe can help us.

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Thank you on behalf of the boys and their families.

Mysterious Disappearance

$300 000 Reward Offered

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Kent Munro

David Madott

Omar Shearer


On November 4, 1994, lifelong friends: David Madott, Omar Shearer and Kent Munro, all aged 25, were visiting Marco Island, Florida from their home in Canada.  They were taken on a scuba diving trip by fellow Canadian and acquaintance, Jeffrey Wandich, whose family owns a condominium at Marco Island.

All four young men departed the Marco River Marina in Wandich’s 25 foot, open cockpit, center console, fiberglass boat, powered by two 225h.p. Johnson outboard motors.  Their destination and dive site was the wreck of the Baja California, about 55 miles southwest of Marco Island, in the Gulf of Mexico.

When the divers failed to return at night, the US Coast Guard was notified and an extensive sea search ensued.  The search included US Coast Guard vessels and aircraft plus numerous private and commercial boat captains and pilots, who volunteered their assistance or were hired by the families of the missing boys.  In all, this was the most extensive public and private search ever conducted on the Gulf.,  Approximately thirty-six hours into the search, Jeffrey Wandich was found on a communications tower, approximately 3.57 nautical miles from the Baja California wreck site.

Wandich provided the following account of events:  

On the afternoon of 11/04/94, the four men anchored the boat over the Baja California wreck and began fishing.  Later they decided to use their scuba equipment and dive the wreck.  All four divers left the boat and descended the anchor line.  Shearer and Munro stopped at about 35 feet, as one of the men was unable to equalize, and this pair had to surface.  Shortly after the two had reboarded the boat, the boat abruptly sank, stern first, until it was vertical, with only 3 feet of the nose above the surface.  The time was approximately 3:30 PM.

Soon Wandich and Madott joined them.  All four released their tanks and stayed around the partly submerged boat.

At 7:00 PM the boat went under and the men began swimming toward the tower 3.5 miles away.  All were wearing divers’ wet suits and fully inflated buoyancy compensators.  Wandich got separated from the others and made the tower.  The others did not and no evidence has been found, in spite of one of the most intensive searches of this kind.

The families have offered a reward for information leading to a live recovery, $300,00.00 US dollars, ($100,000.00 for each) or for remains $45,000.00 US dollars ($15,000.00 for each).

We believe something more happened than what we currently know!

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